A Proven Provider
We begin with a thorough analysis of your needs, objectives, timetable and budget. Energy Control Systems (ECS) was founded in 1975 by one of the pioneers in the energy management business. In fact, ECS was the first company to develop the technology of using desktop computers for building automation. Since that time, ECS has proven itself as a leading provider of innovative automation solutions for new and existing buildings. We've built our reputation by providing the fast and dedicated service you'd expect from a smaller company combined with technology and resources of a larger business.

The Energy Management and Building Automation System (EMBAS)
We develop an EMBAS for your application that is easily scalable to your changing needs. The Desktop Computer interface records all commands as they occur and they are retained for future analysis. The Integrated Direct Digital Control Program (IDDC) utilizes the results and trends of the various DDC programs used to control the facility's HVAC systems and combines them into an integrated program which optimizes the building systems and central plant to meet the current comfort requirements.

Easy to use tools help you analyze and control energy utilization and easily configure reports that present data in the format you desire.

Total Solutions for Large Scale Applications
Our scalable, open architecture systems are ideal for large facilities that require precise measurement and control of an extensive range of equipment. ECS links complex components including chiller plants, heating sources, lighting systems and more to create an easily managed desktop solution through a simple graphic user interface. The displays can be customized to show buildings, floor plans, equipment configuration, wiring diagrams and more, and include real-time values, animation and alarms. Floorplans can be configured to display hot or cold areas in red or blue, which makes it easy to identify areas that require attention.

Mobile Devices
Our App Suite allows full-featured user access via iPad, iPhone or Android devices - providing building managers with unparalleled flexibility to monitor and control their building energy systems.

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Intel-Net for Internet Monitoring and Control
ECS developed Intel-Net specifically for standalone buildings such as restaurants, fast food, retail, hotels, schools and office buildings that do not have on-site facility management. With Intel-Net, ECS enables efficient and cost effective Internet-based monitoring and control of lighting, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, which significantly reduces the high costs and risks associated with manual operation.

Centurion Energy Miser for Standalone Applications
ECS developed the Echelon-based Centurion Energy Miser to provide direct digital control for standalone buildings such as fast food restaurants, convenience stores, auto dealerships, retail stores, small office buildings and strip shopping centers. It automates efficient control of lighting, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, which significantly reduces the high costs and risks associated with manual operation. One or more Centurions precisely collect and control the operation of building equipment to reduce energy cost and equipment wear while providing continuous comfort.




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